St. Aidan's church is one of a group of brick churches designed between the 1930s and 1950s for the suburbs of Hull by the architects William Milner and Romilly B. Craze. Internally it has the humble, yet dignified, atmosphere of a true 'holy barn'. Linked to the church are several meeting rooms and a hall. These facilities are well used. Also on church land is a wooden building which was originally erected as a Scout Hut but is now used by church and community organisations.

In 2004, the church embarked on an ambitious community project.  A programme of renovation and reordering was completed in 2005 and the Church buildings were given a new lease of life.  The most obvious change made is that the west end of the church was transformed into a community cafe.

The history of St Aidan's was published in booklet form a few years ago and can be downloaded.

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