Thinking of getting married at St Aidan's?

We would be privileged to help you celebrate your commitment to each other. We hold marriage in high regard and believe that a lifelong commitment of a man and woman can bring great blessings. We also believe that it is important to put God at the centre of your marriage, and in that way to seek his richest blessings on your union.

To help you plan your wedding in church, we have put together some points you might like to think about and there is lots more on the Church of England weddings website>

What does the Vicar need to know?

Please tell him/her if there are any unusual or awkward family circumstances.  You can be sure that the Vicar will not be shocked by anything that you tell them. For example, we understand that these days parents of the bride or groom do not always want to sit together.

·         If either of you is divorced, we would advise you to talk to the Vicar before making an application.

·         If you are already living together, you can still be married in church but may need to discuss your situation with one of the clergy.

·         If you have children, discuss this with the Vicar so you can consider how much they can be involved in the service.

·         Let us know what you will be wearing so that we can make sure the arrangements are suitable. The Vicar will keep this secret!

What Fees do I have to pay?

The church part of your Wedding Day will undoubtedly be the cheapest!  The fees are adjusted annually. This includes:

·         Vicar’s time in preparation & on the day

·         Parish clerk – writes up registers and banns

·         Verger’s Fee – preparing the church for the day

·         Organist’s Fee

·         Hire of the Church itself [i.e. heating , lighting etc]

·         Altar flowers

·         There is no collection taken during the service.

The Cafe can be hired for small receptions, it is ideal for “cake & wine”. 

Currently, either one of you must live or have family connections within the St. Aidan’s parish boundary, or one of you has to be on our electoral roll.  To be eligible for the electoral roll you must have been baptised and have regularly attended St.Aidan’s in the last six months.

If you want to go ahead and book a wedding, or just discuss your plans, you will need to contact the Vicar on 01482 704517 as soon as possible.